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Just click on the SHOP tab above.

How to Place an Order

There are no contracts or minimum orders. If you would like to place a one time order or set up a reoccurring order you need to register, which will give you access to your shopping cart. You can then  browse our products and add or delete items in your shopping cart until noon on the Friday before your delivery day. At that time you will be charged for the items in your cart and it will be delivered to you the following week. If your address is not currently on one of our delivery routes please email us at and I will try to accommodate you or place you on a list and notify you when we establish a route in your area.

Receiving your Delivery

You will be assigned a delivery day when you register based on your zip code. You will need to place a cooler outside your home (preferably in the shade) by 6 am. The cooler needs to be able to accommodate bottles that are 11 inches tall and big enough to hold your entire order. I do not supply dairy boxes, they can be expensive and did not want you to incur that expense. If you would prefer a dairy box, there are several options that you can purchase online. The cooler MUST have ICE or ICEPAKS in it. I CANNOT DELIVER your ORDER without it. A good option is to put two or three plastic water bottles in your freezer and reuse them in your cooler weekly.

Delivery Charge

There is a $2.95 weekly delivery charge that will be added to your order. There is no delivery charge for orders over $30.00.

Glass Milk Bottles

Not only do I believe that milk tastes better from a glass bottle but they also keep the milk colder, no plastic taste or crossover. They are also environmentally friendly.There is a $2.00 bottle deposit per glass bottle. The deposit will be credited to your account the day I pick up your returns. Please make sure you rinse the bottles out with water and place them in or by your cooler the day of your scheduled delivery. 

Changing or Stopping your Order

Option #1

You can add and delete items in your shopping cart until noon on the Friday before your delivery date. If there are no items in your cart at noon on Friday, you will not receive a delivery or be charged a delivery fee.

Option #2

You can also place a vacation hold or skip a delivery on reoccurring orders by clicking the skip delivery tab and entering the date you would like your delivery to resume. If your plans change, just click "I'm back early" tab and your delivery will resume on your next scheduled delivery day.

Milk Man



Milk Money Multiplier

In appreciation of my customers continued support of local farms,cows and argriculture. For every 10 glass bottle caps you return to me, I will credit your account for $3.25, which can be used towards your next order. Please leave your clean caps in increments of ten in a cup,container or zip lock bag in or by your cooler.

Farmer's Dozen

Enjoy the “eggceptional” taste and quality that only a farm fresh egg offers. For every 12 dozen of farm fresh eggs that I deliver to you, I will credit your account for the price of a dozen eggs. This credit can be used toward your next order. Please place your stack of 12 dozen egg cartons in or near your cooler and I will pick them up and credit your account.

Account Options Tab

This tab allows you to control many aspects of your account. I am striving to be as "green" as possible so I do not provide paper invoices. From this tab you can veiw and print your current invoice along with any past invoices, veiw your order history or check your account balance. You can also modify your personal information, edit your credit card number or expiration date. This section also allows you to customize email reminders to remind you of your next delivery. I think you will find this tab very useful.

Paying for your Order

On Friday at noon your credit / debit card on file will be charged for the items in your cart along with any bottle deposits and any applicable delivery charge.

My Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You are my customer and I strive to offer you the best home dairy delivery experience possible. If you are not happy with any aspect of my service or the products I deliver please let me know. Contact me by phone or email me at and I will do what it takes to make it right. If you are still not totally satisfied I will give you a 100% refund.


Thank you for your time and consideration.